TG’s guide to concepts: the Volkswagen W12

What you're taking a gander at here is a Volkswagen supercar. And keeping in mind that that is overcome enough in itself (simply consider how dreary the business figures were for the generally splendid Phaeton), it's far beyond that.
This is the auto that at long last appeared Volkswagen's most eager motor venture, ever – the W-formed (twin-V) motors. Obviously, they'd been indicated at with a deride up in the Audi Avus idea of 1991, yet this was the first run through a working Volkswagen W motor had blasted on to the scene..

Propelled in 1997 with the all-wheel-drive, 414bhp 'W12 Syncro', the W12 filled in as both an idea and a testbed for the W-molded motor (much like Mercedes' C111 was a building donkey). Basically, the W12 declared Volkswagen's expectations to breath life into a progression of fantastical motors..
Amusingly enough, the motor in the W12 was a W12, which was basically two VR6 motors (a V6 with such a thin V edge, to the point that it could utilize a solitary chamber head) shot together. Obviously, it was a great deal more convoluted than that, however we're not architects, and it's a simple approach to conceptualize it.
Volkswagen’s dedication to the W engine arguably reached its zenith with the quad-turbocharged W16, as found in the back of the Bugatti Veyron, but the W12 wasn’t forgotten, with starring roles in the VW Phaeton and Touareg, as well as the Audi A8 and Bentley Continental.

Be that as it may, before all that, it was the premise of a mid-engined, Giugiaro-planned hypercar, which we believe is quite beautiful, in a 1990s-meets-GT40-with-a-dash-of-Marcos sort of way.

Later on in life, the W12 turned into the 591bhp W12 Nardo, named following a record-breaking, 24-hour keep running at the eponymous Nardo Ring in Lecce, where the general population's supercar secured more than 4,800 miles at a normal speed in overabundance of 200mph. Giugiaro's Italdesign studio reconsidered the W12's styling for the Nardo form, which included many vents and a broad glass shelter.
All in all, what do you believe is the most essential piece of this idea? The extraordinary dominance of the W-formed motor or the way that it originated from Volkswagen, before they claimed Bugatti, Bentley or Lamborghini?

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