How to modify your car at the lowest cost?

The US does not want to be his car as soon offer the most beautiful through the addition of a special touch. At the same time, we do not want to pay a large amount of otherwise we would have bought other new great specifications, what can we do


your car must be before everything in good condition mechanically, there can 

 be no amendment in the outer appearance that inside the shopworn, for example.

After that, here are some steps to carry out the amendment process here are ten things changed.

As for the costs could be a little bit (5000 dollars) or could rise to taste.

Choose you is located only

1. Obtain better brakes

if you are a professional driver knows that the distinction between "good" and "excellent" you braked axles best for your car. We know that you do not fall driving slowly but the brakes are required at crossroads, to the extent that trample upon the greater capacity to take off faster.

2. The change in the engine code

this is the easiest way to get more power in the engine compartment of your car, although the turbo added to the car is the months in this area.

All you need is to update the "engine" through computer chip, becoming an arbitrator and increases the packets"propelled M" and measuring horsepower.

3. eased the burden engine

engine weight is important and relieves the weight of the car more. All strongly pressure 1 n on the engine removes opposite to the Force by 1 Newton tire flat on the road.

4. get new tires

to change the car tires are you looking forward to "performance" best them except that it would give a beautiful view. You can for example in this area select tires gym in different colors: vineyards (silver), Montenegro, dark gray even the color of your car . Do not forget also change the position of rims better format.

5. The helper springs and assistance

if it felt that your car is very high, reduce the rise gives it a distinct form. To that end, you must change the helper springs or assistance but does not affect the rest of leadership.

6. Select a distinctive paint

know that you have to pay more than five thousand dollars on paint but you can choose the painting "vinyl". If you want to change the color and you admire the color of your car can be putting posters of love and the proportionality of the color of your  car at the same time..


7. Denunciations windshield

glass coloring give a nice appearance of the car but the condition of the laws in your country, even that some manufacturing companies issued its cars stained glass windows.


8. The Steering Board and the leadership

to be your ممزة must get a color pool is unique of its kind. In this area could change the color of the steering wheel with the added touch of varnished wood. If you want to expand the change, the Dashboard carbon fibers with distinctive lighting and light sings for any thing.


9. Headlights

car lights of the most attention in outside appearance. Options are available to you from the LED lights backward and forward, to the chimney lights, and fog lights and Girl Scouts, choose yourself.

10. The change of the exhaust system

to change the exhaust system you can increase your car force some thing in addition to he adds sound effect beautiful. At the same time this is not an easy matter, you must make sure the exhaust choice and experience if appropriate for your car.



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